Manitou Mainline Chrysler- SGI Accredited to Repair or Replace your Windshield

Are you driving with a chipped or cracked windshield? That can be a dangerous thing! Any chip or crack can quickly and easily spread beyond the point of repair. Most people don’t realize that 30% of your automobiles’ structural strength and integrity in a collision comes from your windshield.

When your windshield is excessively chipped or cracked you severely compromise your family’s safety in the event of a motor vehicle accident. Not to mention it significantly reduces visibility day or night especially when that unsuspecting deer or moose decides to cross the road!

At Manitou Mainline Chrysler we want to keep you safe, please call us at 1 (306) Watrous and let’s get your windshield fixed before the unthinkable happens…

Safety is a number one priority at Manitou Mainline Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram and your windshield is more than just a “shield” from wind, rain and road dirt. It is your ‘window’ to your driving experience and ultimately the safety of you, and all your occupants inside.

So pick up the phone and call 1 306 WATROUS  – or 1 (306) 946 4646 and GET A FREE Estimate! We want to save you both time and money. Call us or drop by for a complimentary quote for any repairs or replacements so we can ensure your vehicle is brought back to factory specifications, All Makes, All Models.

We can even take care of your SGI claim for you while our certified team of installers have your vehicle returned to it’s factory reliable condition.*** Plus We Price Match ANY offer. *** Free Courtesy Car With Any SGI Glass Claim. *** ROCK CHIP REPAIR *** We also offer: Chip Repair if it’s under a loonie we can try to save your windshield and ultimately money!!


Because a critical drying period is involved (Usually a couple of Hours) the process of replacing a windshield takes longer than the repair itself. You can enjoy our same day service and our shuttle service. Get in touch with us today or come visit us # 9 Campbell Road Watrous SK Call 1 (306) WATROUS today!